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An average 1/8 Beef Includes: 
About 40% ground beef
+ 16 lbs of individually packaged ground beef
About 35% Savory Cuts
+ 3 Roasts (Round, Chuck and Arm)
+ 2 Shank Packages (Soup Bones)
+ 2 Stew Meat Packages
+ 1 of the following: Brisket, Back Ribs or Short Ribs
About 25% Steaks
+ 2 Sirloin Tip
+ 2 Sirloin
+ 2 Ribeye
+ 2 Filet Mignon
+ 3 New York Strip
+ 1 of the following: Flank, Skirt or Tri-Tip

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What people are saying about our beef

"Every single interaction that you and your company has been just wonderful. From the handwritten note to the call for following up to make sure my delivery and beef was up to my satisfaction had been amazing and so refreshing. It is greatly appreciated and so impressive. You and your family and team should be very proud of what you are trying to accomplish! The beef is delicious and I can definitely tell it’s a quality product and that you all are doing things right! Thank you so much for everything that you do! "

Pamela S. Simi Valley, CA

"This is the best beef we have ordered to date - producer delivered- nice cuts, great flavor. Ordered ½ in June and loaded up the freezer. We are very pleased."

Lisa T, Watertown SD

"I gotta tell ya we have been ordering meat from {Another Company} for a couple years now. I recently found you guys and got some ground beef to try. After cooking with it the first time my husband kept asking what was different. I told him its the beef I ordered from Reil Ranch and he said "Hands Down WAY better than the ground beef we buy from {Another Company}!" So we are hooked! And just LOVE what you guys are doing, thank you! It is so amazing how hard it is to get quality clean meat nowadays. So again, thank you for all that your family is doing. "

Cathy F. Costa Mesa, CA

"We found your beef to be amazing. My husband grew up in the farm-country of Wisconsin and so he's pretty particular when it comes to beef. He wanted me to tell you it was amazing."

Torrie K. Jacksonville, FL

Meet Your Farmers

Reil Ranch is a family farm in the northeastern corner of South Dakota, owned and operated by the Reil family. We (Tyler and Taylor) are devoted to raising the very best grass-fed and grass-finished beef.

We hold ourselves to incredibly high standards when it comes to caring for the animals and land. These standards provide our family and many others across the states with beef we can trust, know is safe AND tastes amazing. 

It's our mission to glorify God by providing beef that's healthy, helps others and heals our land.

We can't tell you how honored we are to be able to serve you and your family and feel privileged to be your personal farmers. We seek to provide you with peace of mind every time you enjoy Reil Ranch beef.

When you purchase from us you’re supporting a small family farm, humanely raised livestock, regenerative agriculture AND helping to eliminate malnutrition and starvation in children throughout the world.

We truly can't thank you enough,
Tyler and Taylor Reil 

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